The ‘jugaad’ is set for this festive season too

Posted on Oct 27, 2012 by Sulakshna Bramta Bali Editor, Taakjhaak Network

Same time of the year is here, with chill in the air announcing the arrival of winters, festive time on the bellow and gold shining high, was just thinking about the aam janta… what are they heading to.

Long pending dream of our domestic help to get a gas connection is now shattered as with rise in prices of all commodities, her monthly budget has gone for a six so she is now planning to take up more work which she is sure to get ( wondering now she will be next ‘chitti’ in action). Our ‘mali bhaiya’ has started building up for a rise in salary and a good bonus which ofcourse he will get after a big instruction of do’s and dont’s from the elders ( everyone prepared about his forgetting the new rules in a week though). The litter gatherer of our locality is already eying on the festive bonus from which he will buy winter clothes for his children contrary to his wife’s claims who says he will just blow that money in alcohol.

The office staff is expecting a nice gift or a bonus and already quoting on what their friends got or are likely to get from company A, B or C. Corporates’ are busy pleasing government officials gifting them willingly or forcefully, the agencies are working hard on making the corporates’ happy and the sales persons sweating day and night to encash the festival time. It may not be the same case with the government employees as the government, already stuck in the wave against them due to inflation, corruption, crime and …..(the list is long) will leave no stone unturned to make them happy foreseeing the coming elections.

The markets are full with varieties and offers to attract, though one will have to think thrice this time before buying a product as rates have climbed up. So adjustment is the mantra, gold will be substituted with silver, sofa set with bean bags, the 42’ inch LED/Plasma TV with 32’ inch (or at the cost of sacrificing a home theatre), the list of friends to be cut short for gifting, the diyas of ghee will be replaced with more candles, the almonds with chocolates and so on (this is all for the aam aadmi only not for the Class A of the society ;) whose budget is unaltered).

Seeing the scenario yet again, I am reasonably sure that we all will be able to manage and arrange the ‘jugaad’ for this festive season too. After all, by now the ‘aam janta’ has become an expert in enduring loads of tsunamis, earthquakes and calamities of the fraudulent system.

May this festival when God’s and angels visit our houses, they bring with them a permanent ‘jugaad’ of hope, prosperity and happiness. So let the ‘jugaad’ or adjustment be the undercurrent of all our actions so that the brightness remains unvarying.

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