The MAN behind ‘Salman Khan’

Posted on Jan 19, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

We know him as the Bollywood Superstar, a heart-throb, and in the recent past, our very own ‘Dabangg’! But, little do we know about the softer side of this big hearted star. He is a silent philanthropist, an emotional doer and a people’s champ in every true sense.

salman Khan and being Human“There should be a competition for charity”, so says the actor in one of his recent interviews. In an industry, where every actor is hogging for limelight; here we have our very own Salman Khan who is channelizing his stardom for a cause. ‘Being Human’, the charitable organisation of the actor has been instrumental in uplifting the needy and has benefitted thousands of people in the areas of education and healthcare. With a view to speed up the reach, the actor now plans to venture into the business of restaurants and hospitals and the profits so generated shall be invested in the welfare of the needy. Now, that’s what we call STAR POWER!

Apart from that, Salman has recently launched his first flagship clothing store in India. The actor has already opened a chain of ‘Being Human’ stores in Dubai last year. For this purpose, the actor has collaborated with Manish Mandhana who shall take care of the designing, manufacturing and retailing across the country and the proceeds so raised shall be used to aid the underprivileged.

“As long as my stardom is there, I will take advantage of it to push my trust”, says the actor. A heart of gold, not trying too hard to impress….just ‘Being Human’!


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