This Karwa Chauth, Let’s Hear Out the Men!

Posted on Nov 01, 2012 by Sonali Chhabra, Taakjhaak editorial

Amid all the festive pandemonium, with the women of the house getting all geared up donning their best of traditional wears to mark the auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, we wonder what’s on the mind of their better halves! After all, it’s them for whom all the efforts are being made…..isn’t it? Or is it?

Take 1: “This is my wife’s first Karwa Chauth and I want to make it special for her”. Awww….how loving and considerate is that! Darlings, this is not a one-time affair….you are definitely trapped into this one for the long haul. Well, such men belong to the category of the “newly-weds” who would go all gaga over their wife’s first attempt at fasting and would possibly do anything that would make them a “perfect” hubby….well, almost. Such are husbands who would even go to the extent of fasting for their wives as a token of love and commitment. The question is…. Can they keep that momentum going every year?

Take 2: “Year after year, my wife has been observing this fast, but, now it’s more of a ladies’ kitty party”. Oh dear… heart goes out to such husbands! With the women from all the neighbouring corners flocking into their homes, flaunting their designer outfits, hennaed hands and not to forget the “newly gifted” and eye-blinding, ultra-shimmering diamonds; the men of the house are left yearning for some quality lone time with their wives.

Take 3: And, then there are those who would fast for their beloved whether or not they are still a part of their lives. I know the kind. These are the men who can instantly make you fall in love with their selfless gesture. They are the men who would probably not even let anybody know that they are fasting. They love secretly, but profusely! They are the men of the heart and it’s them who define true and unconditional love.

The funny thing….people try really hard to express their love when they can do so every single day by just saying those magical words “I love you”! Keeping the rituals and our traditions in high regard, even on a special occasion like Karwa Chauth….let it be about just the two of you…rekindling the love, spending quality time with each other, reminiscing the years of togetherness and looking forward to many more with the assurance that the person by your side will walk you through all thick and thin!

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