Unlike Bollywood, star sons of cricket need to perform

Posted on Jan 17, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

If cricket was ever scripted then Rohan Gavaskar would have been the ultimate hero and if talent and struggle would rank the B-Town flicks, Abhishek Bachchan would have been a name unknown to his neighbours too, but that not the nomenclature. I’m quite inspired by Harsha Bhogle’s comment,”India is a nation where-in we are dazzled by the word Talent, whereas what matters is our work ethic and the way we use out talent”.

Rohan Gavaskar playingRohan Gavaskar has no real record to his name and has worn the Indian jersey in 11 ODI’s, that too after being under his father’s shadow for years. The younger Gavaskar has an average of 44 in first class cricket and also was a member of the Kolkatta Knight Riders but his lone 50 in almost a dozen international appearances wasn’t enough to impress and please the selectors. The man is calm and has retired from all forms of cricket taking over commentary as his new profession.

What impresses me about the star kid and what made me scribbe, is the fact that he knows or maybe has decoded that after giving the sport his best shot he has not flourished alike his father and maybe is made for better and different things in life. Talent can earn you a chance but its your performance that takes you to success, unlike bollywood. The legendary father is also happy with his son’s attempt and domestic record and satusfied that his son choose the game that has given the family immense popularity and respect.

Its the era of competition and only the deserving should stand, Rohan and Abhishek without their second names are any other boys in the park, If I could sway away the people munching on their surnames and dominating the so called performance based profession without performing. A strong message could be to deliver or move on.


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