Wedding bells for Udita Goswami and Mohit Suri

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

The tinsel town weddings have always been hyped with lot of glam sham. But amidst all the overly hyped or overly hidden star weddings, there are people in the industry who love to live unconventionally.

Mohit Suri and Udita GoswamiWith just a couple of days left for the wedding, the about to get married couple Mohit Suri and Udit Goswami are maintaining a very low profile. Mohit and Udita are to tie the knot on January 29, 2013. While Mohit is busy shooting the climax of his upcoming movie Aashiqui 2, Udita is taking care of all the wedding preparations.

The couple has been seeing each other since nine years, and have now finally decided to get married. Mohit who has a very liberal and unconventional attitude for life is keeping away from the wedding preparations and keeping busy with his shooting. Udita decided the wedding date with her family and Mohit gave a happy nod saying, “I went along happily on condition that I be allowed to complete my shooting.”

The couple will get married in Iskon Temple in presence of only close friends and family, followed by an informal reception. Mohit doesn’t believe in an idea of post wedding celebration with the couple sitting on stage. So as a reception party, the couple will host a sundown party-a relaxed evening with friends and family. Hot Udita and cool Mohit will go for a brief honeymoon which will be followed by an elaborate one post release of Aashiqui 2. Post wedding Mohit wants Udita to continue working, but on the production side of Bollywood.

We wish the couple a very happy married life and love Mohit and Udita for their adorable attitude!


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