What Are Dreams of the Blind Made up of? Mystery Unravelled!

Posted on Sep 04, 2012 by Taakjhaak Editorial

Do blind people see dreams? What colour are their dreams? Do they see imagery? …And what if they are congenitally blind or don’t have vision from birth? Do such people know what images are? When they cannot see with their eyes do they actually say that they ‘saw’ a dream? Questions, questions, and more such questions plague the mind each time your mind travels to this thought. Curiosity ought to build…

Quite a food for thought this one is! What’s certain is that we all dream in our sleep whether we have vision or we don’t. We blessed ones with vision see imagery and substance in the actual colours associated with those objects or people. Often our dreams relate to incidences or people we associate with in our day to day lives. We see colours, hear sounds, and we can sense emotions too.

If someone loses vision at a later part in life, then he usually dreams of past incidences when he could see the world around him. He can see and identify the colours as well. Those who are blind by birth haven’t seen the world with their eyes so their sub conscious level cannot produce imagery for them when they dream. They hear sounds in their dreams. In other words, their dreams are on a more auditory level. The congenitally blind can sense touch. They can feel objects and make their own perceptions out of those. So their dreams can also be about such perceptions of touch related to those objects.

What is truly commendable is that people without vision or with vision impaired possess the tendency to feel more… they ‘feel’ material things and draw their own perceptions for those; something we call touch. They ‘feel’ a lot from inside and see things from the heart; sometimes in a much better way than people with vision do. No wonder there are countless examples of blind people who have overpowered this difficulty and lived their lives to the fullest. We are talking about Helen Keller (author and activist), Stevie Wonder (singer-songwriter), Franklin Roosevelt (President of the United States of America), Louis Braille (inventor of Braille writing for the blind), Galileo Galilei (astronomer, physicist and mathematician), and several others who never stopped dreaming and we still remember them today for their remarkable achievements.

“We must look a long time before we can see or, be blind and dream. And dream as if you’ll live forever but; live as if its your last day to live” – Alexander Fuste

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