What to let go-Love or career?

Posted on Feb 01, 2013 by Shagun Sharma

Issues always reside in the most vital space of our life. When we were young, we had issues in school with grades and teachers. Now we are grown ups, we are at the crossroads of our life where we have career and our better halves, and the issue is not grades or teachers, but the battle between love and career!

love and money what to choose?The past decades didn’t have this issue as man was the only breadwinner and woman was born to look after. There was no Alpha trend. But the contemporary breath has transformed the women folk from just being care takers to competent individuals with a redefined role in society.

With women making up to the forty seven percent of work force, getting more degrees than men; has the battle of love v/s career become the question of new life? The modern day woman is an alpha woman with a tiny Cinderella adoring doll clinging to her soul and making her stand on the crossroads to decide which way to follow-LOVE or CAREER?

love and career what to balanceLong time back I heard an adage from Lady Gaga-“Some women choose to follow men and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.” I was carried away with the idea that career will hold my hand and be with me always, until one fine day my mother told me that “even the right man would do the same. The right man for me will never tell me that he doesn’t love me anymore! Though the constant fights in the couples these days echoes “I don’t love you anymore” time and again, but I am sure this is followed by regrets in real love.”

Sometimes it’s not about what you want out of the two, but it is about what comes first. Opportunities always follow people who are hardworking and aspire to become something. But at times issues more than career confront us and leave us on the edge of choices. When you are confronted by the same issue, ask yourself few questions, the answers to which will simplify things and make life better. My ideal women, Ms. Ahuja told me these questions and her own experience thereon. When she was at the cross roads of choosing between love and career, she asked herself:

Is he the one?

What out of the two will support me for lifetime?

Who will love me back?

What from the two is a part of me?

love and career balancing is an artAnswers to these simple questions told her who was more important. She happily made her choice for love and got the best. She said, “He treats me like no one had ever even tried, he supported me in my goals and achieve marks which I had not even dreamt of! But, but, but you should never force yourself into it. Don’t get carried away by anything. Until you get an assurance that the one you are choosing is capable of all what you are expecting, never lose the other. Also remember best things always come with tiny winy compromises.

Try and make things simpler for you to decide. Instead of focussing upon what to let go, focus on who comes first? Leave everything else at bay, think deeply about it the one you love and the career you work for to decide, even if it means going for a sabbatical! I am sure nobody wants to make a decision causing regret later in life. Just decide what comes first and what is a part of you!


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