Who are we?

Posted on Feb 02, 2013 by Shagun Sharma

When I try to answer this question, I just say Shagun. I never even think or say I am Shagun Sharma, a Hindu Brahmin with so and so ideologies and a secular mindset. All I remember for this answer is that I am a human being.

Whenever I come across instances that reveal the miserable plight of people due to religious the fight for religiondifferences, I really feel bad to be a part of this human race where religion is used for irrational personal reasons. We claim to be living in a secular nation and practising secular thoughts through a rationally secular mindset. But is this reality? Just sit back for a minute and answer this question. The reality remains that we live in pseudo secular country swarming with people of double standards who function secularly in their own selfish way forgetting the basic code of humanity. We say we belong to a particular religious sect and it’s our right to protect our religion from all threats, trying to justify all the immoral deeds.

In the name of religion we indulge in anti-moral, anti-human activities causing harm to the general well being of humanity. We perform all sorts of odds saying we are protecting our religion, our God. A very well read Hindu scripture Bhagwad Geeta says, preach “Vasudhaiv Kutumbhakam” & “Sarvadharam Sambhaav” meaning ‘entire universe is a family’ & ‘communal harmony amongst all religions’. So here when Gods are telling us to be peaceful and at ease with every religion and human, then how is violence justified in the name of God.

This act of trying to justify all the unfounded acts in the name of God is just a reflection of the the communal violence in Indiairrational thought process of people involved. The people in power call India a secular nation in true sense, but there is no answer when religion becomes a deciding factor in applying for loans in banks. Where does the concept of secularism disappear in such cases? Entertainment is an art of expressing creativity freely, but then why is this art challenged in the name of religion? The way Kamal Hassan is being tortured for Vishwaroopam makes him appear like a hard core anti-Muslim criminal.

I don’t know whether his movie is capable of invoking hatred against the Muslims or not, but all I can say it’s a form of art open to any kind of interpretation. But it should not mean that you are free to tune it to your way and call for a revolution. We watch movies from an industry where all the people are respected be it Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan being a Muslim enjoys as good a fan following as Amitabh Bachchan, being a Hindu. When there is no discrimination of talent on the basis of religion, then what calls for these brutal religious interpretations?

Threat is not the real thing that prompts such action from people, it’s the lack of faith in one’s own self that leads to all this. We are into all this not because of religious forces but because of the forces that control us. We all love God, we are God fearing, but misled! It’s sad to realise how we let some evil forces that are nothing to govern our course of actions. Our ability to let such loose ends march in light of power gives them strength to disengage peace and harmony from life. It’s time to give a wakeup call to the self. As long as you have confidence in yourself and your beliefs, not a single soul on this planet can harm your interests. Be true and stay you!



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