Sonam Kapoor doesn’t want to be the number one actress

Posted on Mar 11, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

The recent statement made by Sonam Kapoor has almost shocked all. The tall babe says, “I don’t want to be the number one actress.”

What does such a line mean in the glamour world? Hidden from none, the world of Bollywood witnesses more cat fights among actresses to be on top than any other world. So if Sonam Kapoor is making such a statement, it doesn’t mean that she is saying it out of modesty or anything else. Rather all of this is a result of the back to back failures her recent films have met with.

When asked about these flops from her, Sonam says, “Two years ago, I did a couple of films and Sonam-Kapoor in sarilost my way. I started off with an agenda of doing certain kind of films and got discouraged by the way industry is growing. I went to the wrong path and realized that I am not comfortable in that. I am not in the rat race and don’t want to be the number one actress. I want to work only in those films which make me feel as an artiste. They might not be the biggest projects, actors and directors but if my character is good I will do them.”

We guess she is left with no choice than to say this! Sonam is better known as a fashion icon than an actress. She has given very few chances of associating her with the word actor. Despite her poor acting skills, she is constantly getting projects. Strange, isn’t it? Being a star kid in Bollywood helps at times!

Anyways currently, the actor has three major projects in hands-“Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”, “Raanjhnaa” and “Khoobsurat”. The actor is super excited about these projects, with “Khoobsurat” being the second movie directed by her sister after “Aisha”.

We wish the actor good luck and hope that she no longer needs to make such depressing statements again.


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