Why trivialise work place harassment?

Posted on Jan 19, 2013 by Shagun Sharma

We live in a society where easy air becomes a strong opinion as soon as it is there on media. The partially liberal and partially constructive society we dwell in, fumes at the slightest air of something that is just suggestive.

Inkaar movieThe recent release of Sudhir Mishra’s ‘Inkaar’, brought whiff of fresh air to the much customary topic in the modern world. Sexual harassment at work place has evolved as necessary component of the fast pace corporate culture.

Today, wherever I go, people are talking about sexual harassment, quoting instances and relating it to ‘Inkaar’. Is life a Bollywood film? How can we relate to a person who is living just a three hour part of the whole life we have and are going through? The power given by us to media is so diverse, that a one fifty minute dramatic performance makes everyone go ga ga over sexual harassment, which was till date a gag. Is sexual harassment at work place such a trivial thing that we need a movie to wake us up for that?

With no offence meant to the sincere and hard efforts put in by the entire team of ‘Inkaar’, the movie could not do justice to the serious issue it raised. Infact ‘Inkaar’ did not in any way expound the seriousness of the matter. It threw light on the issue in parts, but on the whole it trifled the sensitivity of such a rampant issue, especially with the abrupt uncalled for ending.

man and woman working togetherWorking section of the society today is very smart and active. Men and women with sorted heads and directional career join the league of corporate sector. They put in corrosive energy, work for twenty hours together and openly discuss so many topics. Amidst all this, what makes the Mars and Venus divide go so berserk that it leads to harassment. ‘Inkaar’ expresses that over ambitious people who want power, fame, money, progress along with love, become the victim of sexual harassment. But let me remind here of a much popular movie from recent past-Aitraaz.

Aitraaz depicted men as victim of sexual harassment. Anyone can be a victim of sexual harassment, which makes it the tool in the hands of powerful, be it men or women. The question here is not whether men or women are victims, the real question is, “Are we mentally so weak that we let the physical pleasures rule and ruin our future?”

inkaar to harasmentIt has been loudly voiced in ‘Inkaar’ that one person’s idea of harmless flirtation can become other person’s norm for misconduct. But we, who project to be responsible and sensible individuals, know our comfort zone. We know how and where to draw line and object, regardless of the line of our career. Yes, I do admit that the increasing rat race culture has brought vulnerability with it. But is it not in our hands as to how enormously we welcome or object it?

‘Inkaar’ projects two phases of Maya’s life (Chitrangada Singh)-one when she voluntarily sleeps with Rahul (Arjun Rampal) and another when she says no to his welcoming signs. Many things said by her in the movie make even the viewers doubt the audacity and truth of her complaint. She says, “In alpha males ke beech mein agar ek ambitious woman ko jagah banani hai na, toh thoda bahut alpha woman banna padta hai.” This leaves everyone confused about whom to support and whom to defend. The two high headed and sorted professionals who discuss ideas and themes for intense products like condoms, sanitary napkins, lingerie and bathing bars; make it very hard to believe the existence of sexual harassment in them. The last confrontation between the two in the restroom amidst the blinking light derogates the rampant issue much more.

Indecent behaviour and constant unacceptable flirtation is unacceptable, and if not objected in time leads to sexual harassment. However powerful the person trying to harass is, you are always an edge above in drawing lines for your dignity. Self respect is your right and you are free to be ferocious to the ones playing with it, irrespective of how people react to or deal with it.


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