YES, we all come with a price tag!

Posted on Jan 28, 2013 by Sonali Chhabra

As bizarre as this may sound, trust me I would make more sense as you read on.

i deserve more moneyIt was one of my job interviews. And, as the drill goes, I was dressed at my presentable best, with a hope to impress my prospective employers, which I eventually did and things were simply going in my favour until I opened my big mouth. You know, fortunately or unfortunately, diplomacy is not one of my biggest strengths. It was for this reason that things that were so conveniently going in my favour at the interview, suddenly concluded at an absurd note saying, “We will get back to you later.” And, this was it. I knew that very moment, the job was not mine!

Now, you all must be wondering what exactly went wrong at that interview. Well, I happened to answer the question that was not even supposed to be answered in the first place. Sometimes, I wonder, why do they even ask that question if they already want a ‘designed’ answer for that? “How much salary you expect?” – A simple question, yet controversial enough to decide the fate of an individual!

Before every interview, I always encounter a bunch of people who would repeatedly tell me to play safe when such questions are thrown at you. They would reason that since you are fresh out of college, you are in no position to ‘demand’ or your lack of experience puts you on a backseat when it comes to getting the benefit of a handsome pay! Excuse me for not being much of an idealistic, but, when we say experience, are we talking about the quantity of years or the quality of work? With all due respect to the people who’ve earned their way by investing a number of years in their respective professions, I still do not understand, why we do not get the benefit of doubt that even though we might be a novice in the industry, we’ve still got what it takes to survive the cut-throat competition.

Last week, I met a friend who is a freelance graphic designer. A highly talented individual, blessed with best of creative abilities, yet, he yearns for his due! He recently came across a client who assigned him a project at a certain price. The nature of the job encompassed coming up with a logo design. Sounds simple, right? Now, here’s the catch. One fine day, to his surprise, the client asked him to come up with twenty different design options for the logo, and ‘IF’ they liked any of the designs, he will be paid accordingly (which by the way would be too low as compared to what industry standards have to offer). So, that leaves us with the conclusion that if the client did not approve any of the designs, my poor friend’s work would not even be worth the peanuts. Such was his plight!

Like all good things,talent and creativity come with a certain value, they come with a price tag too and it is only fair to ask for what we are worth. We are not turning into some money-sucking professionals, but, we are no philanthropist either. We are not asking for a charity, but, we are definitely not settling for anything less than what we deserve!

Note to Self: Stand your ground and raise your rates, you idiot!


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